Pictures from the trip home: Syracuse and Niagara Falls

Grandpa didn’t write much on the trip from New Jersey to Illinois, where he would be discharged at Camp Grant. He sent this postcard on “Wed morn,” which would have been Wednesday, April 2, 1919. He also sent a souvenir booklet that same day from Niagara Falls. It’s unclear if he visited either place. And, it’s unclear (to me) what this postcard shows, other than people outside a building.

Syracuse postcard 4-2, 19


Wed Morn–Now leaving Syracuse N.Y. will reach Camp Grant about tomorrow night.


Niagara Falls postcard booklet, 4-19

Postmark, April 2, 1919

The postcard booklet had 22 scenes, enclosed in a mailer that romanticized the “Maid of the Mist.” Native American legends were recast (often inappropriately) for the tourist market.Niagara with trainNiagara with manNiagara postcard back

One thought on “Pictures from the trip home: Syracuse and Niagara Falls

  1. Is there any likelihood that he thought of the Niagara Falls folder as a hint of upcoming proposal? After all, I think it was then a very popular honeymoon destination. As for the city card, I’ve noticed that postcards used to be awfully prosaic, as this one is, and they sure didn’t offer any charm! I wonder if he just sent what he could lay his hands on, when he didn’t have much time. Boy – he must have been so glad to even get close to home! Sally


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